Mini-Symposium Series in HIV Methods

The CFAR Biostatistics and Epidemiology Methods (BEM) Core is planning the “CFAR Mini-Symposium Series in HIV Methods” starting in Fall 2017. The goal of this series is three-fold:

  1. Focus on a specific methodological topic applicable to study of HIV/AIDS
  2. Present specific HIV research in which the specific methods were applied (but not necessarily the focus of the research question)
  3. Highlight HIV/AIDS datasets in order to foster potential collaborations

Each meeting will be focused on a specific HIV methodological area (selected based on the CFAR community’s response to the survey from the BEM core in 2017), and will feature a collection of short presentations (~15 minutes) from 4 to 5 panelists. The meetings will be held at the east Baltimore campus (location TBD).

The BEM core invites all JHU researchers to submit applications for oral presentations at the upcoming CFAR Mini-Symposium Series. Presentations may feature interesting applications and/or scientific questions addressed via specific methods, overview of challenges and solutions, existing or new datasets related to topic, etc.

All JHU faculty and students are welcome to apply. Applications will be reviewed and assessed based on scientific merit and relevance to the meeting’s agenda. Selected presenters will have the opportunity to showcase their research at the mini-symposium series, publish their abstract at the CFAR BEM website, network with other meeting panelists, and establish new collaborations with meeting attendees and other CFAR researchers.

November 29, 2017
Conventions for Handling Incomplete/Missing Data

March 16, 2018
Network Modeling

April 2018
Structural Equation Modeling

May 2018
Causal inference

July 2018
Meeting focus: Longitudinal Factor Analysis

December 2018
Machine Learning

Application Instructions

Applications must include the following items:

  • Author’s information including Name, department, and current position
  • Summary abstract of the oral presentation (<500 words)
  • A copy of a published research paper related to the presentation topic

Applications should be submitted by email to by the abstract submission deadline.