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CFAR Cohort Training Seminar Series

"The Complete Guide on How to Supervise People"

September 19, 2019

  • Location: BSPH W2009
  • Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Contact Name: Eileen Martin
  • Email:

This program is a must for supervisors at all levels, seasoned or new!

The course benefits are:

Establish your credibility as a supervisor.
Staff effectively - learn how to recruit, interview, and hire.
Train employees correctly so they understated how to do their jobs.
Get your employees to work collaboratively as team.
Apply the HR laws that every supervisor must understand.
Nurture high performers and handle under-performers effectively.


Successful completion of this course will increase participant knowledge and ability to:

Present themselves with confidence to build credibility and influence.
Describe the HR laws that all managers should know.
Train, coach, and delegate using clear, on-target instructions and feedback.
Hire and keep good employees - and get under-performers on track.
Manage their teams so all employees collaborate for success.

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