About Us

Generation Tomorrow is on the frontlines of responding to two of the most serious conditions impacting Baltimore residents: HIV and Hepatitis C. The program partners with community agencies to train college students and community health workers to conduct HIV and HCV testing, counseling, and education outreach.

If you’re interested in learning more about Generation Tomorrow or having our students or peers featured at an upcoming event, please call us at 410-614-1020 or email us at zackiya.grant@jhmi.edu.

Program Components

HIV & HCV Training

Generation Tomorrow program participants undergo mandatory training in HIV counseling and testing, which is provided by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. At the end of the training, participants receive certifications and apply their new skills in their field assignments. Program participants also receive training from the Hepatitis C Support Project to become certified HCV educators, counselors and testers.

Field Assignments

Generation Tomorrow students and peers are matched with community-based health agencies and Johns Hopkins associated programs based on their interests and the agencies’ needs. Students and peers serve as HIV and/or HCV counselors, testers and educators in their field assignment.

Lecture Series

Program participants attend a weekly lecture series where experts from the Center for AIDS Research, Baltimore city, and other health professionals present the latest data on trends in HIV and HCV prevention, testing, and treatment.  Presenters also focus on career development and cultural competence.